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Make interactive workbooks. Teachers access. Username or email: Password: Remember me. Forgot my password. Check my answers. Email my answers to my teacher. Reading test - Ariana Grande by clarinha. Malala Yousafza short biography by lorenagarcia. FCE sample exam by budaianna. Euroexam sample test by budaianna. Prince Charles and his bed by santignasi.Jump to navigation. Log in Sign up Newsletter. Adventure travel. Check out this brochure with some of the most exciting adventure holidays around the world and improve your reading skills.

Are you ready for this? An Olympic blog. Do you remember the London Olympics? Check out this blogger's memories of a wonderful summer of sport in the capital. Food and restaurants. Do you like eating out? Check out these reviews of the trendiest places to eat and improve your reading skills.

Foreign exchange emails. Look at these emails between a student and his friend who is studying in Scotland, then do the exercises to improve your reading skills.

Plain Reading Passages - Easy English Lesson (B1 Level)

Friendship quiz. Are you really a good friend? Would you always be there when your friends need you? Try this quiz to find out! How to be a safe and smart searcher. Can you always find what you want to find on the internet? These eight easy-to-remember tips will help you to become a safe and smart searcher! Interview with Henry Smiles. Check out this interview with Henry Smiles from Two Direction and complete the tasks to practise and improve your reading skills.

Job adverts. Do you need some cash? Are you looking for work? Well, look at these job adverts and do the exercises to improve your reading skills. Phone chat. Do you like spending time with your mates? How do you organise a night out?

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Look at the phone chat and do the exercises to improve your reading skills. Skills for the 21st-century workplace. Have you got the skills you need for the 21st-century workplace? Read about what employers are looking for and test yourself to see if you are prepared!Skip to main content.

Whether you're travelling to the islands or the mountains of Thailand, you're likely to spend at least one night in its capital city on the way. Bangkok might be noisy and polluted but it's also an exciting city with plenty of things to see and do.

Why not make it a longer stay? But it's noisy, not very pretty and not very Thai. For something more authentic, Phra Kanong offers an alternative place to stay, with its fantastic street markets where everyday Bangkok people eat, work and live.

It's not as convenient for the main tourist sites, but it has a Skytrain station so you can be at the Grand Palace in 20 minutes.

Bangkok's traffic can be a nightmare.

reading b1

Sure, you can easily take a taxi — if you want to spend hours stuck in traffic jams — but there are two much better ways to get around the city.

To explore the temples and historical sites, catch an express boat river taxi or a longtail boat along the Chao Phraya river and the canals. For the modern part of the city, the Skytrain is a fast, cheap way to travel from the river to the shopping malls and nightlife of Sukhumvit, and the famous Chatuchak street market.

The simple answer is: everywhere! Some food stands have little plastic seats where you can sit and eat and they cook the same dish over and over, like fried chicken on rice or Pad Thai noodles. After you've seen the main sites like the Giant Buddha at the temple of Wat Pho and the spectacular Grand Palace, and shopped at Chatuchak market, check out the snake farm and watch the live snake show.

You can even touch a snake yourself if you want to! Yes of course. I really like visiting Bangkok. I've not ever visited there but i saw manything about Thailand on facebook especially foods and historical sites.

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Because i have a food soul, i really want to taste Thai foods which i see on facebook because Thai have many kind of foods, it's so interesting and delicious.

Besides, pagodas and cultures is one of the most wonderful things in Thailand. I find pagodas are very royal and cultures which i'm interested in are also excited.Job application Read an job application and answer questions about it. Education 1 Read about opportunities for students aged sixteen and answer some questions. Education 2 Read about MOOCS massive open online courses and choose the correct location in the text to put the missing sentences.

Hotel reviews Read 4 reviews for a hotel. Which reviewer says the following? Free time Make the Most of your Free Time. Choose the best title for each paragraph. Holidays Read some real complaints that holidaymakers have made to holiday companies. Match the beginning to the end of each complaint.

Travel Read the text about travel to a hospital and answer the questions. Health Read about the illness Norovirus. Choose the correct question for each paragraph. ALL Rights Reserved. Home Terms of Use Privacy policy Cookie preferences. Free Practice Tests for learners of English.

Going to Space

This page will help you practise for the PET and PTE exams Job application Read an job application and answer questions about it Education 1 Read about opportunities for students aged sixteen and answer some questions. B1 Reading topics.For this exercise about going to space, you have to read the text and choose the best word to fit the gap. Then you should work through the 10 questions, trying to select the correct word to fit in each space. Part 4 - Read a longer text from which five sentences have been removed.

Show understanding of how a coherent and well-structured text is formed. Competition Shopping Centre Visit. The B1 Preliminary Speaking test has four parts and you take it together with another candidate. There are two examiners. One of the examiners talks to you and the other examiner listens. Kenza and Mohammed Roberto and Simone.

These exams give candidates proof of their ability to use English in a wide variety of contexts, relevant to work, study and leisure activities. B1 Preliminary. Going to Space. Share this. Book Recommendation. Mountain Climbing. Playing Computer Games. Popular Website. Single or Mixed-gender Schools. The Bagpipe. Tree House. Work of Art. We add reading and writing exercises on a regular basis. Why not bookmark our site, so you can come back to practice anywhere or at any time of the day? Part 5 - Read a shorter text and choose the correct vocabulary items to complete gaps.Skip to main content.

This section offers reading practice to help you understand texts with everyday or job-related language. Texts include articles, travel guides, emails, adverts and reviews.

Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills. Make a start today. Read an email asking for help from another department to practise and improve your reading skills.

Read a blogpost about the impact of social media influencers in the business world to practise and improve your reading skills. ICP : Google Tag Manager. Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Choose a reading lesson. A conference programme.

reading b1

Read the programme for a management conference to practise and improve your reading skills. See more. A flyer for a gym.

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Read a flyer promoting a new gym to practise and improve your reading skills. A travel guide. Read a travel guide about Bangkok to practise and improve your reading skills. An email request for help. Digital habits across generations. Encyclopedia entry. Read an encyclopedia entry on the Taj Mahal to practise and improve your reading skills. How to spot fake news. Read some tips for spotting fake news to practise and improve your reading skills.

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Are you really a good friend? Would you always be there when your friends need you? Try this quiz to find out! According to the quiz result, I'm a great friend. But, I think that I don't let my friends take advantage of me. According to the quiz result, I am really a good friend.

I will share and support my friends when they are sad or disappointed with anything in life. Acttualy, he or she had to be my best friend - indeed friendship. To me Friendship is very important in my life.

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It's very hard to become a good friend as well as get a good friend in the life. I have no definition of what is a good friend should be, because sometimes and in some situations, we can't support them without thinking about what will happen later.

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A good friend can be a good listener, a good adviser, a wingman that always by your side, go through everything with you, give you a hand when you need. But you should remember, the way people treat you is the reflection of how you treat them.

Any healthy and balance relationship need to be built from two sides, not one. I think I'm a good friend. Te quiz said that I'm very good friend, but I should be careful and say if someone tries to get advantaged of me. I think I'm a gd frnd bcz I have always try to help my friends most. If my frnd is in danger or ill I'll surely help him.

Everyone has their personal life bt I should suggest which is gd 4 him. I would do anything for them. Well,the results show that I am a good freind but I think my freinds should judge whether I am good or a bad freind. Oh,I've 2 As and 2 Bs. I think i am a pretty good friend.