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If you are interested in a puppy, please email me and usually within 24 hours max. I will email you back with all the information on the puppy. When you email me to request info I will email you back and explain things about the puppies so that you know all about them.

This way I do not forget to tell you important information. It is so easy to forget to tell you something or ask you something on a phone conversation. I want to make sure that each family has the opportunity to get the answers to their questions. If I talk to you and then in an hour or so talk with someone else it is easy to get families mixed up and this is not fair to the families.

So that is the reason that I like emails so that I can refer back to them for the information and answer to questions. If you have not heard back from me within 48 hours, please check to make sure that my reply has not gone to your spam mail box.

I want to make sure that you get all the information, but I can not control it if your computer blocks my emails. If you email me, please understand that I do try and reply to all my emails within 24 hours, but there are times that our service provider has issues and I maybe unable to get to my emails.

If you do not receive an email during this time in your "Inbox", please look at your "spam or bulk" mailbox. Sometimes the emails have gone to "spam or bulk mail" if you have my email blocked as being unknown. I like for people to email "asap", therefore I try to do others the same way, knowing that you are eager to hear about the puppies, etc.

You can find information about our dogs View pictures of pups that are available for homes. Check back from time to time to see what we have. All our pups come with a health guarantee.

They have their first shot and have been wormed on a routine basis. Parents are on site. Our puppies are loved and cared for with all the love and care they could ever wish for. I have kids that love to play with them and help care for them.We created our on lane! The biggest blue pitbulls in the world! XXL Pitbulls! For the beginning pitbull breeder or true dog enthusiast, the secrets and tips contained in this ebook are worth it's weight in gold. This is information was collected slowly over the years.

The BGK ebook gives a lot of XL blue bully pitbull breeding tips fron one of the best pitbull kennels in the world. Big Gemini Kennels has been consistently producing the largest pitbulls in the world for the last decade.

You want to have the biggest pitbull possible, there are ways to ensure that.


You wil notice many of today's popular kennels has came to use BGK Blood. I can give a lot of examples such as Manmade Kennels who has done very well marketng BGK's Shadow and his pitbull breeding program.

We are proud to see our blood being used all over the worls to created the largest blue pitbulls or American bullys that the world has ever seen. Let us help you vreates some of the healthiest biggest blue pitbulls on the planet.

This is a well known fact. If you are looking for the biggest blue pitbulls in the world, well you found the source. Hello Friend! Big Gemini Kennels aka BGK is so much different than any other pitbull kennel or website you will ever go to because almost every dog that our pitbull kennel produces carries the infamous blood of the largest blue pitbulls in the world. We have produced dogs that are world famous and reknown for their incredible size, looks, temperament, and production power.

southern kennels

We are a licensed breeding facility in Southern California and currently have an A rating from animal control as of our last facility inspection. The temperament and training of our dogs is a major focal point as well. We work very closely with two of the most talented dog trainers in Southern California for our clients who request it. We have many satisfied clients all over the globe who are very happy with the huge blue pitbulls that they have purchased from our pit bull kennel.

We are the go to pit bull kennel for big, healthy, blue pitbulls even for other pitbull breeders and kennels.

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Many of the XL pitbulls being produced by Big Gemini Kennels are the foundation dogs for other successful pitbull kennels. BGK blood is known to carry specific character traits, including size, look, and temperament generation after generation.

This is one of the main reasons that other successful pit-bull breeders come to our kennel to get their foundation stock. We have started BGK with one goal in mind, we wanted to build a top quality kennel that consistently produced the largest, best looking, and healthy XL pitbulls in the world. Through hard work and dedication we are proud to say that we have accomplished that goal. Over the last ten years we have proven to be the most consistent source for the largest top quality blue XL Bully pitbulls on the planet.

The true temperament of pitbulls is loving, affectionate, fearless, and extremely protective with their family.Southern import k9 is a small professional breeding kennel located in beautiful Liberty North CarolinaWe are dedicated to our dogs.

We have custom designed kennels and a dedicated whelping room for our expectant mothers and puppies. We have puppies year round and yet have plenty of interaction on a daily basis with everyone.

Like our logo states "breeding isn't a hobby, it's a passion! We can provide you with the first security system you will want your children to play with!!

Our specialty is the black and red show line German shepherd imported from the finest producers in Germany. Our dogs are not only chosen for their pedigree, which is very important, but they must also qualify in health, temperament and confirmation, etc.

Each animal is tested thoroughly according to European standards before being qualified to breed including an official hip certification which we require for all of our breeding dogs.

We welcome visitors and love to show off our facility and of course our dogs! Our puppies are well socialized, happy and healthy and will make a great addition to any family. If you are currently involved in law enforcement please ask about our discount.

We also provide lifetime training assistance to those who need it and we work closely with a local trainer if further training is requested. Check us out on Facebook! Where breeding isn't a hobby, it's a passion! German shepherd puppies in Florida.Here at Simply Southern Kennel our females are selectively bred to a male that compliments her conformation, size, color, pattern and coat along with pedigree. All dogs here at Simply Southern must demonstrate excellent temperaments.

This helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and very robust puppies. We want you to understand at Simply Southern that we feel that there is nothing low quality in purchasing a pet quality puppy from a responsible breeder. A pet quality puppy from a responsible, ethical breeder is by far more superior than purchasing a show quality puppy from a puppy mill.

We home raise all of the puppies, and they are treated as part of our family. One breeder alone can not produce enough quantity to keep a website working all year long--unless they are mass producing, or puppy mills. We team together to raise select litters, so that we offer the finest in quality, and can dedicate much time to each individual puppy!

We strive to stay at a reasonable price so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy one of our puppies. WE do not decrease the quality of care our dogs receive to meet the lowest advertised price on dogs in papers or on the internet. All of our dogs start out with fair prices but many times price is determined by the breed. The size of the pup, the color of the pup, the pedigree of the pup, and breeding or pet quality all determine the price.

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Prices also are reflected based on the expense involved for us to properly care for the dogs. Many of the small breed dogs require c-sections to ensure the puppies arrive here safe and healthy. Often times the breed of dog is in high demand or harder to locate.

Regular shots and wormings and veterinarian care require some of the prices to be pricey. Due to the demand of our puppies, we will not hold any puppy without a deposit.

All puppies will remain available for purchase until a deposit or payment is received. Our opinion is to overnight your deposit or payment. This will ensure securing your puppy in a timely manner. All deposits are non-refundable unless something unforeseen happens while the puppy is still in our care.

Deposits will hold your puppy until 8 weeks of age providing that the puppy is fully weaned or longer if other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties. Checks may be used as a deposit as long as the check is able to clear the bank by the time the puppy is to be shipped or picked up. Picking up of your puppy:. The balance of pup is to be paid in full on or before pick up. Cash only upon pick up. Unfortunately we can not accept checks at time of pick up.

We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard through Paypal. Paypal can be completed by yourself. This ensures that you will not have to provide your personal information to a third party. We at Simply Southern can not guarantee against size or color of puppies as grown adults.

However, we can estimate the information by parents size and colors. We do not guarantee that all pups quality for breeding and be sold as pets only. This will be decided upon our discretion. We do provide airline travel and shipping by ground under certain conditions. There are some items that we recommend that you bring when picking up your new puppy from shipping.Due to their Poodle sire, our dogs are known for their gorgeous low-shed coats, making them ideal for low allergy needs.

Designer breeds inherit the best of each breed, and are known to be stronger and healthier than their purebred cousins. Our dogs are frequently utilized as service dogs, due to their intelligence, ease of training, and people-centric personalities.

Due to high demand, our available puppies change constantly. Check back soon to see the latest updates! Located just south of Dallas, Texas, we live on 11 acres out in the country, along with our beautiful family of four girls and three boys, and, of course, our beloved dogs!

We love our little teddy bear! Thank you for the cutest spunkiest puppy ever!! Michelle Richards. Thankful for this boy! Sully celebrated his first birthday two weekends ago! Katie Rickard. This is Emery, she was Angel when we first got her. Kristie Vinson.

We specialize in Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles, but occasionally we offer other designer breeds as well. Sign Up for our waiting list to be notified of available breeds! First, please make sure you've read and understood our Purchase Agreement found on the "About" page.

After you've found the puppy you love, look for the "Adopt Me" button to place your deposit. By placing a deposit, you agree to our Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee. We will then contact you for further instructions and answer any questions you might have!

Sizes vary somewhat, but they are typically classed as follows:. We are also only a few hours from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. We use and highly recommend Diamond Puppy Formula. We ask that you keep using it until your puppy is well adjusted into its new home, before gradually switching to the feed of your choice. In addition, we highly recommend Nuvet Supplements for the healthy development of your puppy. It will be current on all vaccinations, and microchipped before we allow it to go to it's new home at eight weeks!

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Your new pet will be micro-chipped and comes with a full 12 month Health Guarantee against common genetic disorders and diseases, as well as lifetime breeder support. We occasionally offer discounts and special offers on our older puppies, and on select holidays.Breeder Login. Post a classified today! Greetings From Southern Vizslas!!!! The highest in demand Vizsla breeding program in the South.

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Vizsla lists now open for litters with pups ready to join families in late Sept with Sienna, late Nov with Suri, and Dec with Beretta. We develop our pups on our farm with a 2-acre multi-terrain facility with a pond for swimming development, a acre track with woods and trails to develop hunting skills, intro to obedience, and socialized daily between our family and Vizsla pack family as well.

These factors combine into developing some of the healthiest puppies in the world by producing both a physically and psychologically balanced puppy ready to transition their lifelong journey into your families home geared for companionship and trainability for the active or sporting family.

Instead of merely taking pictures like most breeders we conduct weekly videos which allows your family to watch the puppies grow and develop as well as over photos on FB for each litter. This gives you a total approach to narrowing down the pup that best fits the traits and qualities most suited for your families needs. Check out our award winning site! View each of our dogs individual pages, and join an upcoming litter of your choice. Be sure to check out our Facebook for endless reviews and pictures from other members of our growing Vizsla family community.

Simply visit the Purchasing a Puppy page on my website for instructions on how to join a list or purchase an available pup. If you're looking for a future Vizsla companion to bring home to your family, look no futher than SouthernVizslas.

We look forward to making you one of the next proud owners of a Vizsla in the coming future. Perfecting Champions for the Field Show and Family!


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